The Guy Who Asked Kate Upton To The Prom Is Going With Model Nina Agdal Instead

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05.24.13 15 Comments

Back in March, we told you about Jake Davidson, the cocky high school student who asked Kate Upton to the prom. She graciously denied his advances, and most logical people would taken the hint and dropped the “inquiring whether a gorgeous model would attend a high school dance with you” stunt. Teenage boys aren’t logical, though, and Davidson switched his attention from Upton to Nina Agdal…who laughed and threw a martini in his face.

Actually, she said yes, but I like the other option more.

Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal has stepped up to accompany a Los Angeles teen to his high school prom on Thursday after her pal Kate Upton was forced to cancel due to scheduling issues.

The Danish beauty tells “Inside Edition,” “I picked out my dress and now I’m ready for prom!”

Meanwhile, the lucky high school senior insists he has no hard feelings towards Upton for cancelling on their big night. He states, “While I would have loved for Kate to come to my prom, I understand she is a very busy and in-demand professional. I am so grateful for Kate responding at all.” (Via)

So, to recap, here’s Jake’s original date:

Here’s who he got instead:

And here’s me at my prom:

Actually, that’s not true — we wore red.

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