‘The League’ Multipanes Are The Best

10.06.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

The melancholy I shared last week over Archer’s departure till spring was somewhat short-sided. It’s not like FX is replacing it with Suddenly Susan reruns. The League — quite possibly the most underrated comedy on television — returns for its third season tonight and I plan to enthusiastically welcome copious amounts of friend-on-friend ball-breaking back into my life (way too many of my buddies have migrated out of town recently and my levels are depressingly low).
I imagine people who still aren’t watching The League are avoiding it because they’re not really into football, which I don’t get but really has nothing to do with my argument for watching the show. Because the show isn’t about fantasy football, it’s just a backdrop, and quite frankly there’s a reverse correlation to how football intensive an episode is to how good it is. If the show was strictly about fantasy football it wouldn’t work. Instead it’s about excellent comedy writing, a talented cast, and guys in their 30’s clinging to something that enables their love/hate friendships with each other.
Of course there’s no better way to refresh on the good times from the comfort of your cubicle than with fan made League multipanes. Andre outfit jokes alone already have me geeked. If you don’t watch I recommend giving these a chance and then heading directly to Netflix Instant for the first season (hopefully season 2 will be up soon). As always, not all of these are multipanes, but you get the idea.
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