This Glorious, Scowling Gentleman Nearly Stole The Audience From Ken Bone At The Debate

10.10.16 1 year ago


During the second presidential debate, Donald Trump lost his cool several times to Hillary Clinton. Curiously — especially considering his leaked hot mic footage — he referred to himself as a “gentleman” while visibly angry, which was just one of several moments where the Republican nominee faltered. But behind all of the policy questions and unforgettable moments of the evening, the Internet still needed to have its fun because one can’t be dreadfully depressed about politics all the time. Thankfully, there were some moments of levity at hand. The main hero of the night was Ken Bone, and it’s easy to understand why he stole attention. No one can compete with the triple-threat with a porn star name, red sweater, and disposable camera.

However, Bone had a contender riding hard in the background. An actual gentleman lurked behind Trump, and unlike the real estate mogul, he kept his tongue in check. But he wasn’t happy, not by a long shot.

Scowling gentleman kept his vibe going behind Trump’s back, but he turned it up to 11 when Trump turned towards him. This dude was not here for spin.

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