This Ryan Gosling ‘Drive’ Game Really Has Heart (Now With Video)

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11.28.11 2 Comments

UPDATE: Video of the game in use now available after the jump.

Hey girl, have you been wishing you could inject more Ryan Gosling into your family game nights? Of course you have. He is the unofficial Sexiest Man Alive after all. Luckily for you, Mick Minogue modified an Operation board game to exhibit at the For The Love Of Progress show in Dublin, Ireland. What better represents the theme of progress than a board game based on Ryan Gosling’s character in Drive? Nothing whatsoever, we guess. Sure, why not? We’ll let Minogue describe the game (description may contain spoilers).

The rules are a little different In The Real Human Being Operation Game. You have a 5 minute window – Turning the watch on the steering to 5 min, It then ticks and counts down. In that time you have to carefully remove all the relics of the Drivers past from his body. Each symbol represents a scene In the film and each has a difficulty rating. If you touch the sides whilst trying to remove the piece the scorpions tail lights up and instead of a buzzer a car engine rev sounds. You have to remove the iconic hammer, his car key, a shot gun shell from the motel, the bullet given as a threat, face fragments from his boot, the money In the bag, his male merit badge tooth pick, the faithful knife from his stomach and his all important heart. [Mick Minogue]

I’m pretty sure if you wear the scorpion jacket while playing this, it becomes physically impossible to pull out the male merit badge incorrectly. Ha ha, I love you, badges.

Close-up pictures start on the next two pages:

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