This Senator Quickly Finds Out Why You Don’t Hold A Press Conference On A Metro Platform

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04.20.14 10 Comments
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I can assure you that if I were in Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s position in this video, I probably would be cleaning out my pants right about now. Actually, I’d probably be dead because I’m a buffoon, but thankfully the senator from Connecticut is not. From Fox News:

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) is urging safety accountability for Metro-North after a report found nearly 140 violations over the last 10 years.

At a press conference at the Milford, Conn., station, Blumenthal stood behind Milford Mayor Ben Blake on the station platform.

Blake said, “Safety, as you know, is paramount,” just as a train whizzed by alongside them, nearly hitting Blumenthal and almost taking down an easel.

Clearly that train doesn’t give two f*cks about safety and everything I learned on Shining Time Station is a lie. Ringo Starr is a piece of sh*t (George Carlin is still a-OK). This is why we have the warnings about the yellow line at your local metro stops.

Many a drunk has played with this rule, but it might be Sen. Blumenthal that actually drives the point home. People care about congressman after all, they are well respected people. Well they are liked by those who elect them at least. OK, maybe they are just tolerated by the populace, but the fact that no one tried to shove him in front of the train says something.

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