Surreal Footage Exists Of Donald Trump ‘Endorsing’ Eminem For President In A 2004 MTV Special

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10.11.17 2 Comments

Eminem has people talking once again thanks to his fire freestyle for the BET Hip-Hop Awards, in which the rapper slammed “orange-skinned” Donald Trump. Drawing a line in the sand to his fans who support the president, in no uncertain terms he versed: “If you can’t decide who you like more and you’re split on who you should stand beside, I’ll do it for you with this: f*ck you.”

But because this is the bizarre world we live in now, footage from a 2004 MTV special is starting to make the rounds on the internet called The Shady National Convention; a satellite concert with some pre-recorded sketches and guest appearances which was intended to coincide with that year’s presidential election. In a Twilight Zone-eque reversal of roles that only the year 2017 could predict however, Trump actually introduced Eminem in the special, by basically endorsing him as a presidential candidate.

Here’s the full transcript of the introduction, by the so-called “Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Cash”:

Nice group, nice group. Okay, listen, listen, listen. When the Shady Party called me and told me there’s going to be a convention, I said it’s gotta be a really big one, and it’s gotta be right here in New York. Because this is the best city anywhere in the world, am I right? Of course I’m right! I’m always right! I’m Donald Trump, I’m always right! I know a winner when I see one. And Donald Trump is telling you right now, Slim Shady is a winner. He’s got brains, he’s got guts, and he’s got Donald Trump’s vote. Ladies and gentlemen, our great candidate, Slim Shady!

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