UPROXX Video: This Pasta Salad Will Change Your Life (And Possibly Make You A Lesbian)

Editorial Director
02.11.13 11 Comments

As my dangerous colleague announced last week and then helped launch earlier with a hard-hitting look at how everyday zombies deal with zombie stereotypes in this Walking Dead-obsessed world of ours, UPROXX Video is officially open for business and you should subscribe lest you miss out on the assorted awesomeness that we’ll regularly be providing in video format.

As my part of the introduction I want to share the below brand-spanking new little diddy simply titled, “Pasta Salad.” It has everything I ask for in an internet video: two ladies + a bottle of wine, life-altering lighter fare, and a ending with a moral to remember. Oh yeah, and an opportunity to scream “MAKE OUT!” at your screen, which never fails to impress coworkers. Enjoy.


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