Broncos’ Von Miller Facing Four-Game Suspension For Violating League Policy

07.22.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

As if drunk executives weren’t enough bad press. As if losing Elvis Dumervil to Baltimore in one of the weirder free agent stories of the offseason still didn’t sting, the Denver Broncos’ defense could be taking a huge hit if Von Miller’s four-game suspension holds true.

All that’s known at the moment is the third-year linebacker out of Texas A&M “violated a league policy” and is currently appealing the decision. It’s unknown whether the violation is PED – Seattle’s Bruce Irvin was a recipient of this ruling – or substance abuse-related.

As Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk points out, Miller winning his appeal isn’t exactly far-fetched evident in the most recent example of Seattle’s Richard Sherman did last season. However, let’s play around and say the violation involves a recreational drug. In this case, weed. There’s no way to confirm or deny Von enjoyed his cannabis at Denver’s swanky pro-pot establishment Club 64, but the fact of the matter states bud is legal in the state where Miller is employed. Between that, Von’s lawyers, the NFL’s legal team, state rights, there’s no set timetable for how long the appeal process could take. You know, if it is in fact a substance-abuse violation and said substance in question is weed.

Let’s bring it back to football for one last thought. Pending Miller’s suspension is upheld, Denver’s ties to the Ravens takes on yet another chapter. Denver blew coverage on a late game Hail Mary which all but catapulted Baltimore to the Super Bowl. Then the Dumervil saga happened. So potentially without their defensive quarterback on the field for the first 25% of the season, what’s the over/under for Ray Rice rushing yards in Week 1?*

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* – Of course, Denver plays Dallas Week 5.

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