Elizabeth Warren Unleashed Another Trump Tweetstorm After His Comments Regarding Alicia Machado

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09.30.16 13 Comments

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While Donald Trump may have perfected the early morning rage tweetstorm, Senator Elizabeth Warren has possibly perfected the Trump response tweetstorm. On Friday, Warren took to her Twitter account yet again to call out the media mogul for his disparaging comments regarding Alicia Machado.

This is not the first time the two have tussled over social media. Warren is no stranger to the Twitter barrage, as she called out Trump in July for his selection of Mike Pence as vice president and some of his policies, and the Massachusets Senator has never been shy about letting her feelings be known. This time around she called him out for his disparaging remarks against Machado, which he did in the early hours of Friday morning:

Trump has doubled down on his comments regarding Machado, calling out her weight and insinuating she has a sex tape floating around. Machado has defended herself pretty nicely, but she is getting a little help from others. Warren was quick to call out the absurdity of Trump venting so late at night and the inflammatory remarks he has directed at Machado. Senator Warren, have at it:

Those were some mighty hot takes and Warren always seems to have other ones on deck. While she is not going toe-to-toe with Trump in November, Warren is firmly in Clinton’s corner and has Trump’s opponents’ backs.

(Via Elizabeth Warren’s Twitter)

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