Watch This Drunk Guy Try So Hard To Get Through A Fence Until A Little Boy Shows Him How It’s Done

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04.14.14 3 Comments

Being drunk is hard, you guys. Take it from someone who is whiskey hungover and somehow managed to bicycle home five miles heavily inebriated yesterday evening. Sure, I managed to survive, but I also fell asleep about three minutes into Game of Thrones and now it’s been ruined for me like ten times over because I write on the internet for a living.

Anyway, let’s all enjoy this video of this drunk guy mustering every ounce of his mighty drunk strength trying to figure out how to get through a fence, until the beautiful payoff almost two entire minutes into the video. When it comes down to it, aren’t the struggles of one drunk man symbolic of the struggles that we all face?

No, probably not. But at least it’s entertaining.

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