QOTD: Do The Words “New Jay Z Song” Still Get You Hype?

06.16.14 4 years ago 89 Comments

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Sunday night, Beats By Dre debuted Jay Z’s verse on the “Jungle” remix, which you can listen to right here ICYMI. Even though it dropped dead in the middle of the NBA Finals game I muted the TV in order to listen to the track two or three times. But it wasn’t so much that I cared. Honestly, just enough so I could pen a few words to publish and get back to the Spurs rough-housing of the Heat.

Late last night, I’m finishing up and about to shut everything down when I thought, “Jay dropped a new song, but I can barely remember what the hell he actually said on it.” Didn’t feel like revisiting it then or this morn. More and more, that’s been the case with Jigga’s material over the past couple of years.

Which made me want to pose the question, do you still get excited when Jay Z drops new music or has Hov lost his stranglehold over us?

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