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15 TV Theme Songs In Two Minutes, Played On Real Instruments And Everything

By / 01.03.12

Daniel Koren has emailed me once or twice before giving me the head’s up of what’s new on YouTube from his group the Koren Ensemble, and up until this morning I misread the sender to be “Korean” something and just assumed it was one of the many spammy “social votes” request emails I receive daily. And that’s a delete. I now find myself concerned I may have mistakenly deleted email deals to my local Korean taco joint.

So after realizing my error I gave the new video of his group performing fifteen theme songs in two minutes a watch. I’m impressed by how seamlessly they managed to meld the familiar TV jingles together. I’m also impressed by the not-trying-too-hard title sequence recreations. But I’m mostly impressed by how well they play instruments. I always sucked at playing instruments and have often dreamed of experiencing my own version of Groundhog Day just so I could learn to play piano.

This is the part where I tell you if you don’t get a 75% score on your TV theme song knowledge we can’t be friends.


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