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Harlem, New York Residents Are None Too Pleased At Harlem Shake Meme

By / 02.20.13

New segment idea: Random People In Harlem, NY Review the Internet. Episode #1: “The Harlem Shake.”

“I know the Harlem Shake, but that ain’t the Harlem Shake.”

“They’re dry-humping air.”

“They’re basically taking what we do, and making a joke out of it.”

“Y’all need to stop that sh*t. Like, c’mon, man.”

“If you’re gonna make one of these videos, please do the Harlem Shake, not just…the Spongebob.”

So, again, a reminder: the Internet’s bewildering, dumb “Harlem Shake” is not the real “Harlem Shake.” This has been episode #1 of Random People In Harlem, NY Review the Internet.

(Via Gawker)


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