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Wall Of Smegma Tops The List Of Bands Banned From The Radio

By 02.07.13

Sorry, Baby DJ, I know you’re a huge fan of Adolf Satan, Smother Thersea, and Mighty Sphincter — man, it was so great when those bands opened for Barbed Wire Condom and Bongzilla at Bleeding Woodc*ck ’99 — but you’ll never be able to play them on the radio. So says Redditor “rht_rv,” who took a photo of “the list of bands that are banned by the radio station I work at.” I’ve only heard of a few of them, most notably Cannibal Corpse and Anal C*nt, but I feel better about life itself now that I know there’s a group out there named Sh*t Scum.

Check out the full list below. And please, Hell-O, if you’re reading this, play my wedding.

(Via Reddit) (Banner via Shutterstock)


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