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Please Enjoy These Drive By Compliments To End Your Week On A Positive Note

By 07.10.14

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It’s been a weird post-holiday week. It hasn’t been bad, but it hasn’t been the most knockout slice of fun either. With that in mind, I thought a nice positive video might help to alleviate some of those feelings going into the end of the week. Blake Grigsby’s second attempt at doing drive-by compliments seems like it is tonight’s best chance to achieve that goal.

Grigsby takes to the streets armed with only a megaphone, a friend with a car, and a bundle of energy. He manages to get results too which is more than I expected. When you click a video like this, you assume that 70% of the people they shout at ignore what’s going on, 10% yell obscenities, and the rest are what you see in the video. Luckily the 20% that made the cut pull their weight for the rest, and look good doing it.

(Via Blake Grigsby)

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