Animated Super Mario Land Video Recreated With 18 Million Blocks In Minecraft

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We’ve seen plenty of large-scale Minecraft projects before, like the downloadable Zelda game, the recreation of Middle Earth, a giant Bender, a 16-bit arithmetic logic unit, and a Rube Goldberg device, but this next one might just take the cake. It’s an animated video of Super Mario Land for the Game Boy made from hundreds of still pictures created thanks to three guys, eighteen million blocks, and a pizza place Minecraft.

Tempusmori, a 29-year-old in the Netherlands, made a 1:1 replica of a Game Boy. The replica’s screen size is 160 x 144, the same pixel height and width as the a Gameboy screen, so it could be used to recreate every pixel from the original game. This replica was used by James Wright (a 21-year-old carpenter in England) and Joe Ciappa (an unemployed 29-year-old in the U.S.), who created the video for their website, They played the game in an emulator, getting a screengrab of each frame, and then they rebuilt each frame with blocks of dyed wool in Minecraft. Each Game Boy screen is made from 23,040 blocks of dyed wool, and they made 800 individual screens to animate the video.

Wright tells Kotaku that it took him and Ciappa more than 500 hours of work over four weeks to create the video below. I’m going to refrain from snarking about what else could have been done with those 500 hours because this ended up being pretty awesome:

Making of video and pictures on the next page:

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