GOBIAS: The 10 Finest Pieces Of 'Arrested Development' Merchandise Available On Etsy

By 09.13.12

As we slowly inch closer to the Arrested Development revival it’s becoming more and more a point of pride to exhibit your fandom with obscure quotes, judgment over those who have never heard of a cornballer, and coming up with new and different ways to enthusiastically and impractically show off how much you love the show. And is there any place on the internet that caters to enthusiasm and impracticality better than Etsy? I think not.

As you can see with our first item, a paper doll set also available in Motherboy, Cornballer, and Tobias dress up (WANT THEM ALL) the creativity and time on these craftsman’s hands seemingly knows no bounds, and every self-respecting AD easter egg aficionado should own at least one item from the Etsy shop, which includes…


Tobias for all occasions.

Buy here!


The perfect gift for the standardized-test-taking comedy nerd in your life.

Buy here!

Father-Son Earrings

Guaranteed to make a statement during speed dating.

Buy here!

Shot Glasses

Take your AD drinking games next level.

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iPhone Case

Hopefully the longer iPhone 5 version will more effectively hide its thunder.

Buy here!

Steve Holt Tote Bag

Never feel like an a-hole at Whole Foods again.

Buy here!

Refrigerator Magnets

Perfect for dead dove warnings.

Buy here!

Obscure Stationary

I may start writing thank you notes instead of sending thank you texts.

Buy here!

Cross Stitches

And finally…

Buy here! Also available in “Has anyone in this family ever seen a chicken?” (kitchen), Gob bless this house (living room), and “I’ve made a huge mistake” (my room). The above is of course for your room.

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