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I was going to post these last week but I was waiting for everyone’s favorite “Otis” video cameo-ing comedian to add a few more to his (slightly-more-popular-than-UPROXX’s) “Aziz Is Bored” Tumblr. But alas, whimsy for creating comics by adding “Watch the Throne” lyric comment bubbles to semi-relevant photos may have run dry. Translation: he’ll toss up ten more within 24 hours of me publishing this.

At the very least we have the above photo of Aziz in a scarf shopping for two Lamborghinis which may or may not have been manufactured on the Parks & Rec set. Check out the rest after the jump if you’re an Aziz fan, a “Watch the Throne fan, or a fan of creepy yellow comment bubbles.

Update: Of course he added one more last night. And then there were five.

Double Update: Apparently Aziz is trolling me. #6 is latest and probably greatest.






Aziz Is Bored

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