Meme Watch: Philosophical Puppy Sometimes Suspects It's Not Bacon

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When I spotted the picture above on Tumblr, I knew it was something special. Thankfully, Tastefully Offensive tipped us to the picture’s source. We were happy to find about two hundred more pensive musings from the Philosophical Puppy, whose next conundrum should be pondering why people are still calling him a puppy when he’s clearly an adult dog. Whatever. He should pose that question to his meme cousin the Philosoraptor or his brother from another mother Baffled Boxer.
Our 25 favorite image macros from the Philosophical Puppy meme are collected below. (Or are they? Yes, they are. It’s real. Keep your materialist mindf–k away from me, dog!) All pictures courtesy of Quickmeme.

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When not writing for Uproxx, Caleb likes to volunteer at the legless cat shelter and photoshop the Babadook into all of his family photos. He once resolved the question “To be or not to be?” through the clever use of General Semantics. Your mom thinks you could be more like him if you only applied yourself.

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