Can You Name All Of The Famous Fictional Cats In This 8-Bit Poster?

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This cool 8-bit poster re-imagines some of he most memorable cats from all of pop culture and gives them the digital treatment. It comes from the folks over at re:blog and it is is the follow-up to their similar piece featuring numerous pop culture canines:

As more of dog persons we started a while ago our project on famous pets in 8 bit with dogs. But the time has come to pay tribute to famous felines. Though less numerous than dogs, the group includes many illustrious characters that grin, love lasagna, chase small creatures and are altogether loveable. (via)

You’ll have to pick through both posters to see who you can name. I personally just like that almost every type of culture is represented because I think you could’ve easily just focused on cartoons.

(Via Mashable / re:blog)

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