And Now There’s A Twitter-Powered Oreo Robot For Your Home

03.14.14 4 years ago
Oreo Robot

Via MAYA Design


On Tuesday I told you about the “Trending Vending Lounge” at SXSW that Oreo built with the help of MAYA Design. It created flavors of Oreo cookies based on what was trending on Twitter, and “printed” them on demand. Not content with just that, MAYA went and built a little Oreo-making robot for your home. It isn’t available for sale and it seems overly complicated for those times when you just want a cookie, but I can’t help wanting my own personal robot. He’s got an Oreo for a head! He can breakdance, sorta!

MAYA Design provided a video of the Twitter-generated Oreo maker in action:

People have been asking why it appears there is only one flavor / color of icing in the robot’s frosting gun, so MAYA explains:

The OreoBot has a lab in the fridge where he stores the basic materials for Oreoness. He tends to mix up new flavors when he gets bored or sees a new trend.

…which is a cute way of saying “We didn’t think that far ahead, poindexters. Just go buy some Oreos.”

Via Gizmodo

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