Colbert Confront’s CNN’s Don Lemon For Not Asking A Dude About His Vampire Fangs


I’ve been meaning to post this all day and somehow forgot — how and why exactly, is a mystery, because it’s absolutely fantastic. I’m a d*ck. My apologies.

So here’s the backstory: CNN’s Don Lemon — a hell of a swell guy who might be subversively trying to destroy the network he works for — recently interviewed Patrick Rodgers, the guy who successfully and heroically foreclosed on Wells Fargo after they wrongfully foreclosed on him. While that story in and of itself is a great one, it should be noted that Patrick Rodgers has very prominent fangs, yes fangs, like those a vampire would have. So Colbert — miffed at Don Lemon for not asking about them in the interview — set out to get to the bottom of the whole thing. Hilarity then ensued.

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