And Now, Here’s College Football’s Preseason Top 25 Coaches’ Poll

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A preseason poll is normally not much to take stock in. Full-contact summer practices haven’t truly began yet and everyone’s given an inordinate amount of praise based off potential instead of results. Sort of like high school, in a sense. Even Nick Saban, the coach for the number one team in the country (Alabama) isn’t placing any emphasis being named the best team in America before the first snap.

“We appreciate the recognition, but preseason polls don’t determine who the best teams will be,” Saban told USA TODAY Sports. “We aren’t entitled to anything, and this team’s achievements will be based on what they create with the quality of their play and consistency in performance.”

Bama waltzed away with a whopping 58 of 62 first place votes as the team looks to capture a third consecutive national title and fourth in the past five seasons.* The rest of the Top 25 reads as follows:

25. Oregon State
24. USC
23. Wisconsin
22. Northwestern
21. UCLA
20. TCU
19. Boise State
18. Nebraska
17. Michigan
16. Oklahoma
15. Texas
14. Oklahoma State
13. LSU
12. Florida State
11. Notre Dame
10. Florida
9. Louisville
8. Clemson
7. South Carolina
6. Texas A&M
5. Georgia
4. Stanford
3. Oregon
2. Ohio State
1. Alabama

Again, if your squad stands without a number to its name – like Virginia Tech, who failed to crack the preseason Top 25 for the first time since 2004 – don’t get too upset. Save that frustration for the 48-pack of beers that’ll inevitably need to be crushed Week 1. These things always tend to sort themselves out (and screw sh*t up once the BCS gets involved) throughout the course of the season anyway. Keep in mind ‘Bama and A&M play September 14 and either Georgia or Clemson won’t waste any time starting the season off with a loss as the neighboring schools kick off opening weekend (Saturday, August 31, 8:00 PM EST on ABC).

The most important note in regards to the release of these rankings to remember? College football is officially back in the fold, folks. Halle Berry. And Hallelujah.

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* – The last time a college football team won three consecutive NCAA Division 1 championships was the United States Military Academy from 1944 to 1946.

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