Comics Of Note, December 24th

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We’re going to take this one a little differently, this week, in light of the holiday. This post will be updated as books become available today. And, yes, there are comics coming out today.


Kieron Gillen and Andy Kubert do their best to make yet another story of Wolverine’s past interesting. But it’s a struggle not least because, well, Wolverine’s past isn’t really that interesting, and there’s not much of a plot here: Wolverine is living with some wolves, and stuff is good until stuff goes bad. I felt worse for the wolves, because apparently every family Wolverine gets involved in goes to hell, than I did for the hero. But if you’re a Wolverine fan, this might be interesting.


Tomas is a slacker, straight up; a weed-smoking, dead-end job-having, self-satisfied kind of guy. Then, James Robinson and J. Bone have to go ruin his life by having him stumble across an alien invasion. Mostly this is an excuse for Robinson to write something a little different and J. Bone to draw aliens, but it’s a funny and fast-paced first issue that makes you want to read the second, and there is no better compliment you can give a first issue. Highly recommended.


Steven Grant and Jose Holder’s new miniseries is off to something of a slow start; a lot of characters and dialogue are thrown at us but most of it seems a bit overelaborate or unnecessary, and in trying to be mysterious, the book feels a little vague instead. But it’s got promise, even if it’s clearly a movie pitch, and if you like thieves and heists, this might be a fun holiday distraction.


Tommy Yune and Digital Art Chefs Team hand in a book that’s pretty much entirely for fans of both these anime series. Right down to making fun of the goofy dialogue in the English translations. As a book, it’s a bit middling and more setup than anything else, but fans of either franchise will likely find this a lot of fun.


Kevin Scalzo’s book is… oddly menacing, actually. That’s what happens when your subject is a sweaty blue bear who blows candy boogers out his nose. Undeniably bizarre, and a bit odd in terms of tone, but if nothing else, it’s something different.


This book is actually pretty amusing. It spent a little too long to get to the central thrust of the story, which is a team of supervillains begrudgingly saving the world, but that conceit is finally getting some traction, and it’s a hoot. Especially when Johns shows Luthor’s personal leadership style.


Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic deliver a story of teamwork and the future best read. Suffice to say that Tony Stark will, once again, be putting his own arrogance ahead of other people’s safety, and soon, if the Iron Man we meet in this story is being honest. Worth reading, especially for Avengers fans.


This issue, on the other hand, feels a bit rushed. Johns is offering up all the origins of the Crime Syndicate but, for example, it’s not stated how Power Ring charges up, unless you think his ring is powered by octopus attacks. Similarly, after a few issues of full page stories, most of the rest of the Crime Syndicate gets one-pagers. It’s an interesting read, but ultimately it feels like these should have been backup features for Forever Evil.

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