Conan O’Brien Fan Art Goes On Exhibit At The New York Museum Of Conan Art

10.25.11 6 years ago

If you haven’t seen any Conan O’Brien fan art before, welcome to our planet. We like cats and funny people here. Enjoy your stay. But for everyone else, you’re surely already familiar with the iconic I’m With CoCo image, and you may even have seen some of the Flaming C fan art presented at a storefront exhibit near San Diego Comic-Con this year. Now the Museum of Conan Art (COCOMoCA) has opened an exhibit of Conan fan art in the second floor of Time Warner Center in Manhattan’s Columbus Circle. The NYCOCOMoCA is free and open to the public 9 am to 9 pm from now until November 3rd.
The exhibit includes works in several media from fans and professional artists (like Federico Uribe) as well as an audio tour voiced by Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter. They even have an interactive sculpture of a couch that hugs visitors, talks to them, and takes photos. (Couch is subject to availability, because I’m totally going to steal it for my living room). We’ve assembled some of our favorite pieces from the MoCA website on the next pages. Looks good.

(click pictures to enlarge)

Andy and Conan By Derek Eads

Wheel and Deal By Michael Dee “mdee80”

A collage made from pieces of cut-up, expired New York City MetroCards (Subway tickets) By Nina Boesch

Conan O’Brien Vinyl Doll (with guitar and an aroused ursine friend) By Denise Vasquez

FLAMING GINGER of JUSTICE!!! By Bettina M. Kurkoski

Coco Tribal Mask By Stephen Kinsey

Conan in Office Supplies By Matt Gray

Needle felted wool Conan doll wrestles with a polar bear in Alaska (by Kay Petal)

Unicorn Rider By Tony Esteves

Flaming C (C for Cuddly) By Allison Hoffman

A huge replica of Conan’s Blimp created in Minecraft by Ryan McNeal.

The Flaming C brandishing a fresh focaccia bread in the kitchen of his fabulous NY disco cafe (By Chris)

Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter American Gothic Style By alillama88

Go, go Coco Kitteh rainbow! By jojothejoe

Flaming C Crosses the Carousel By Bri

Conan and the Monkey By Daniel Beecher

In Thyne Year One-Thousand By John Sebastian

Hello Coco By Steve Dressler

I Heart Conan By Josh Holland

Silver Platter Pipes By KORAREEFi

Mega Coco By John Kolbek

The Conan Night Light by Carey Gustafson’s Glass Action

Sexy Coco By Chris Bonno

Tough Conan and Andy By Risamarie1101

Tried and True By Jesse Navarro

Conan Watercolor By isalindberg

The 3 Stooges By Dylan Bocanegra

Conan Pointillism By Freya Kiessling (opricat)

Conan The Conqueror By Giulliano Palladino

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