Dark Knight Rises Won’t Get No Ra’s Al Ghul

02.10.11 7 years ago

If there’s one thing that Ra’s al Ghul is known for (apart from having a smoking hot bat-seducing daughter), it’s not dying. So, you might think that he’d be back for Christopher Nolan’s next bat-film, Dark Knight Rises, especially since it’s been rumored that the afore-mentioned hottie-daughter, Talia, will be in it. But according to Liam Neeson, Ra’s ain’t coming back.

IGN talked to Neeson and according to him, Ra’s won’t be in the next film (and hasn’t been approached about it), but he’d consider coming back to the part later on.

Come to think of it, it might be best not to have Ra’s back, since Christopher Nolan’s more realistic take on Batman might not fit a character who comes back to life after being dipped in mystical soup from the Earth’s core.


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