DVD Releases for November 1st, 2011

11.01.11 6 years ago

So we took a look at the DVD releases this week and found most of them were, shockingly, Christmas movies.  We’re assuming you don’t really care much about “The Christmas Bunny”, so we narrowed the release list down to stuff you may actually care about.  By which we mean “giant robots”.

Voltron: The Final Battle: Pretty much what it sounds like, and mostly of interest to Voltron fans because it includes as special features a bunch of ads about upcoming Voltron products, like the video game, or the new toy line, or the new TV series.  So if you like Voltron, this is probably a good ten bucks.

Transformers Beast Wars: The Complete Series: Sorry, still having trouble getting past Optimus as a monkey.

Dragon Ball Z Movie Pack Collection 1 (Movies 1-5): I put the over/under on this set selling out at nine thousand.  Hey, what’s this angry mob doing at my door and why are they screaming “Old Meme?”

Prophecy: Uprising/Prophecy: Forsaken: You know, because your shrine to Kari Wuhrer was missing this ten-buck two-pack.


OK, not an auspicious week this week, but if you need to buy a movie today, check out Attack The Block: it’s every bit as great as you’ve heard.

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