First Footage Of ‘Dirty Bomb’ Splashes Onto The Web

12.14.12 5 years ago

Splash Damage is most well known for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Its two other games, Quake Wars: Enemy Territory, and Brink, are far less loved by anyone who’s ever played them. In spite of the developer’s last two flops, they haven’t given up and have since announced the development of a new game called Dirty Bomb.

Like their previous games, Dirty Bomb is a multiplayer-focused shooter with an emphasis on competitive multiplayer team-play. The studio has released the first footage of the game, taken from its alpha version. Watch it below:

In addition to the release of the gameplay video, the studio has also announced a “Founder’s Club” for early adopters of the title, which is set to be available as a free-to-play title. The Founder’s Club membership is available in three different tiers, all of which provide buyers with priority access into the closed beta test when it launches, a limited edition tag, and a bunch of other goodies.

In the announcement, Splash Damage owned up to its previous failures, stating that they’ve learned from their mistakes and plan to develop a much more engaging title that lives up to the expectations of their fans and also to themselves. The studio was happy to announce that for their latest game, they will have full control over everything about the game, so things will be different this time around.

Dirty Bomb must provide a balanced playing field and a fair contest, challenging players, against or alongside real people,” reads the post. “Players should only succeed by competing in battles where skill and tactics alone determine the winners, be it as an individual, group of friends, or team. Players should always understand why they won or lost, or by being part of a social community that shares knowledge, continually learn from other player’s skills, and achieve status and recognition for their own credible successes and contributions.”

If Dirty Bomb sounds like a thing that interests you, you can sign up for free or become a founding member.

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