You Shall Not Pass: Gandalf The Grey Has Returned As Gandalf The Ram

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08.12.13 4 Comments

Gandalf the Ram vs a dirtbike rider: you shall not pass

If you’re riding a dirt bike through the Russian countryside (NOT RECOMMENDED) and happen upon a ram doing a Gandalf impression, just turn around. That’s the lesson to be learned from the video below. First, the dirt biker thinks he can intimidate Gandalf The Ram*, but then Gandalf is all like this:

this gansta cow will fight you

Then the guy is like:

Anchorman Will Ferrell Ron Burgandy immediately regrets this decision

And we’re all like:

bird gets out popcorn and binoculars to enjoy the show


* The ram’s name is Борис (Boris), but we’re calling him Gandalf The Ram because reasons.

(H/T: B&P)

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