“Iron Sky” Finally Coming to Screens?

01.26.12 6 years ago

We started hearing about this movie waaaaaaay back in 2006. Along the way, they’ve reached out to film nerds, run lots of trailers, and had their concepts ripped off for an iPad game. No, seriously, some Chinese company ripped off their story and even their name in probably one of the most shameless ripoffs we’ve ever seen.

But all the hard work and effort has finally paid off and, for a movie put together on a shoestring over six freaking years, “Iron Sky” actually looks pretty good. This will probably get an art-house release in the U.S. and then be all over Netflix, but at least we’ll get a chance to see it.

Space Nazis and their shenanigans under the jump. And by that we mean a new trailer.

image courtesy 27 Films

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