Jean Claude Van Damme Promotes Denim, Mullets, Tight Pants For Coors Light

07.07.11 6 years ago

JCVD has seen quite the career resurgence lately. First a Russian historical comedy, and now a UK Coors Light commercial that can only be described as the most random Van Damme-related thing you’ll see today (not counting the below GIFs). The viralness of this commercial really goes to prove my theory that people can’t get enough small doses of ironic Van Damme. I know I can’t.

Here Hard Target JCVD waxes poetic on penguin mating rituals, the frozen tightness of his pants, and ice cold refreshment, all while letting his mullet flow and his denim fit to Rocky Mountain perfection. It’s really the only way to sell light beer in the UK, you see. I rarely find myself jealous of our cousins across the pond but Van Damme ads AND 4.5% alcohol content! Not cool. No one tell them about the GIFs after the jump.

Video Via: Videogum

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