Meme Watch: Anti-Joke Chicken Is Ruining The Fun

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11.11.11 5 Comments

“Why did the chicken cross the road?” That’s probably the oldest joke in the history of humor. And it also has the most boring, least thought out punchline of all-time. “To get to the other side.” I don’t know who came up with that routine, but I’m guessing he was a grandfather, fought in a terrible war, lost his wife to cholera and was poor. Because I assume that the person responsible for that joke was just the most miserable person ever. Or it was the first person who ever smoked weed. One or the other.
Regardless, the joke makes the chicken the perfect mascot for the anti-joke meme, and thus I give you Anti-Joke Chicken, the worst joke teller in the history of the world. I dare you not to laugh. And if you don’t, you might actually be a chicken.

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