New Kickstarter Project Aims to Let You Control Any Game With Anything

05.14.12 5 years ago

So, we haven’t brought you many stories about new Kickstarter projects lately, because frankly there’s just too many of them to keep track of at this point. Basically, around the time a Kickstarter for a new Leisure Suit Larry game popped up, I lost the ability to keep track and/or care.

Thankfully a couple MIT students have come along and roused me from my Kickstarter coma. These guys are looking for funds to put together an invention kit called MaKey MaKey that will let you turn almost anything into a video game controller. With this kit you’ll be able to make controllers out of Play Doh, fruit or coolest of all in my opinion, just draw a controller on a piece of paper and have it work. How do they do it? Don’t ask me, but it’s pretty damn cool.

Check out a video of MaKey MaKey in action after the jump…


You can give your money to MaKey MaKey right here. Come on, how can you not spare a couple bucks for something that can turn your cat into a controller?

via Kotaku

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