NYANCEPTION: Cats Watching Kittens Watching Nyan Cat

09.12.11 6 years ago

We need to go deeper.

Did you see the video and our photoshops for an adorable kitten watching Nyan Cat? If not, you can click the link or stare at this .gif while singing Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya at the top of your lungs until someone calls the police:

Gah, so cute. The internet couldn’t let this end with just one cute cat video, of course. After the jump we have a gallery of cats watching the kitten watching Nyan Cat and other cats watching those cats and cats watching those other cats. It’s cats all the way down. Thanks to SayOMG and TheDailyWhat for two of these videos. The rest were found the good ol’ Uproxx way: searching YouTube for newly uploaded kitty videos while making squee noises and huffing paint thinner. Basically a normal Sunday for us.






























































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