This Woman Failed At A Pole Dancing Stunt And You Will Feel Her Pain

02.10.16 2 years ago

Anyone who’s tried pole dancing will attest to the difficulty of the pastime. However, many will describe the act as either a profession, a sport, or both. No matter what, a modicum of both athleticism and grace are required to pull off such acrobatic moves. Neither strength nor balance alone can support a dancer without the other quality intact. As the saying goes, do not try this at home, and definitely don’t go there without training. Maybe a little twirly-whirl, sure, but don’t go into an inverted move such as this one without a freaking helmet.

This would-be pole dancer appeared on French entertainment show Vendredi Tout Est Permis, and she definitely regretted not wearing a helmet after plopping straight onto her head. The woman recovered well and with a bit of embarrassed laughter, but hopefully she got checked out for a concussion. One doesn’t audibly hit the ground — by way of the noggin — without consequences. Everyone’s simply lucky that no one got seriously hurt here. Another bit of luck can be found with this woman’s relatively uneventful wardrobe choice. She could have sustained a tragic wardrobe malfunction along with all of the other risks involved in this stunt.

Pole dancing is serious stuff, folks.

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