Spray Some Skin On Me

Entertainment Editor

Jörg C. Gerlach at the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine has developed a spray gun that looks a bit like an airbrushing kit, except it amplifies a burn patient’s own skin cells and then sprays them onto the wound.  Normally, creating fragile sheets of new skin for a burn patient would take weeks, but this gun puts healthy skin cells back onto the patient within about 90 minutes.  It’s still experimental, but they’ve successfully treated over a dozen burn victims already.

One of those successfully-treated patients is interviewed in the video below (warning: contains graphic imagery of the “AHHH MAKE IT STOP” variety, not the “Ooo naked time” variety).  The interviewee was healed of his extensive second degree burns after only four days.  This clip is going to air on February 7th as part of National Geographic Explorer’s show “How to Build a Beating Heart”.  Stay tuned for our reality show afterward, in which we take the gun to a carnival and hilarity ensues when we switch it with the equipment at the airbrushed T-shirt booth. Oh, Jeezy-J may have asked for ICP’s faces airbrushed onto a half shirt, but she’s getting slathered in hamster skin cells instead mwahahahaha.

International viewers can watch this video here.


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