Teddy Bridgewater Tosses As Many Touchdowns As He Had Incompletions In Dominating Win Over Ohio

09.02.13 4 years ago 10 Comments

Do what you will with these three thoughts as it relates to Louisville’s 49-7 emasculation of Ohio yesterday.

1. The announcers touched on the topic throughout the game, but Charlie Strong’s guidance and dedication to the football program deserves all the praise it gets.

2. In-depth analysis proves Teddy Bridgewater is one hell of a football player, Jack. There were points in time – re: the whole game – when Teddy made things look so easy that it was difficult to decipher if we were watching a 7-on-7 drill or an actual game. His five touchdowns matched his number of incompletions. Through one week of the season, Teddy Bridgewater’s expected run for the Heisman – the award he doesn’t give a damn about is off to a rather decent start. And his team’s 1-0. It’s impossible to go undefeated without winning the first one.

2.5. Ed The Sports Fan is the person to follow on Twitter during Louisville games. I can’t stress that enough. Not because he’s fan of the Cardinals, but rather because he prays to his Keenan McCardell jersey every night the Jags land Bridgewater in the 2014 NFL Draft. #TankForTeddy lives on.

3. I totally forgot former Auburn tailback Michael Dwyer transferred there. As if Teddy B needed anymore help, his play action fakes will be the stuff of beauty.

Here’s the flip side of the coin for Louisville. Their schedule is soft as baby sh*t. If the Cardinals fail run the table, consider this season a bust. That may sound harsh, but as of September 2, 2013, L’ville probably won’t play a ranked opponent all year. Conference games are set in stone for the most part and Louisville’s up and away the cream of the crop in in the AAC. So the decision not to schedule one or two tougher non-conference games is equal parts perplexing, frustrating and confusing.

While the 2013 season is the last of the BCS era, strength of schedule still factors into rankings. And if it boils down to Louisville receiving a national championship birth against a team with one loss whose S.O.S. trumps theirs, well, let’s just say that’s not totally out of the question.

Just ask Boise State.

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