Meme Watch: THANKS OBAMA For Ruining These ‘Where’s Waldo?’ Drawings

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03.29.14 3 Comments

waldo obama

Remember this GIF of a generation?


You’re going to need it to when you react to these Where’s Waldo? drawings that NOBAMA totally ruined. They originate from Imgur user jenkinl1302, who, while uploading the pictures, got electrocuted, spilled soda on his lap, and had an entire I Spy book spoiled for him, because THANKS OBAMA.

09 - lp5iQO9

07 - 67Pvkx4

06 - WVJy7uy

05 - i9AJKNh

04 - ns92fci

03 - 3vOrLl8

02 - cClrX1D

01 - 0rNfxsi

And one of Clinton:


Via Imgur

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