The ‘Condom Challenge’ Is The Condom-Snorting Trend That’s Sweeping The World

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04.16.13 4 Comments

If you don’t have a condom up your nose RIGHT NOW, you’re not doing the Internet right. Perhaps inspired by the unholy union that is the poop eater and tampon sucker finding true love together on YouTube, teens everywhere are snorting condoms up their nose, then pulling said condom out of their mouth. Without dying, hopefully (?).

The Condom Challenge makes the Cinnamon Challenge seem like child’s play by comparison.

Please note that T-Swift’s “22” is playing.

Snorting condoms is bad enough, but c’mon, a sideways video? That’s just rude.


Never before has the “Children Are Our Future Unless We Stop Them” tag been more applicable.


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