The Japanese Create a Robot Hand that Never Loses at Rock, Paper, Scissors (Because It's a Dirty Cheater)

06.28.12 5 years ago

Oh, science. Sometimes you’re used to do wonderful, life-changing, mind-boggling things, and sometimes you’re used to create robots that can cheat at rock, paper, scissors. We’ll be dealing with the later today.

Yes, Japanese scientists have created a robot hand that can win at janken (the Japanese name for rock, paper, scissors) every time. It can do this because it has an advanced, high-speed vision system that recognizes the hand shape you’re going to make as you’re making it. It only takes the robot a millisecond to detect what you’re about to play and counter it — fast enough that it still seems like the robot is being spontaneous.

Hit the jump to check out this low-down cheating robot in action…


Ehhhhh, I bet I could still beat it with my good friend rock. Good ol’ rock — nothing beats that!

via Spectrum

Rock, paper, scissors via Shutterstock

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