The PC Version of Alan Wake Starts Turning a Profit After Only Two Days

02.21.12 6 years ago

So, anybody pick up Alan Wake when it came out last week? I know what some of you are probably thinking — “Last week? I thought that game came out a couple of years ago!”

Well, it did — on the Xbox 360. What we’re talking about now is the PC version, which finally saw release this past Thursday. Releasing a PC port of a nearly 2-year-old console game sounds like a waste of effort, but apparently it worked out well for Wake developer Remedy Entertainment — they made back all the money they spent on the port in a mere 48-hours.

It seems like digital distribution services like Steam are starting to breath some life back into the PC gaming scene. For years publishers largely wrote-off PC gaming due to piracy, but successes like Alan Wake may mean we see more console-to-PC ports in the future.

Of course hackers and pirates will scare off game makers again soon enough, but for now let’s enjoy this brief window where the PC is a viable games platform again.

via Kotaku

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