The Study Group Rises On March 15th

Editorial Director

This may not be the most perfectly edited Dark Knight Rises mashup on YouTube, but it’s the only one I know of that incorporates Community and was made solely for promoting the return of the study group to Thursday nights, so it is therefore for the best. Simple math.

Joel McHale just tweeted it out a few minutes ago with a modified #SixSeasonsAndABatmanMovie hashtag so of course I cut short my Skype conversation with your mom and got to watching immediately. The dialogue sync job leaves a bit to be desired but the mashup really hits its stride around the one minute mark with the blanket fort collapse and does nothing but get me excited for March 15th from there on.

And while we’re on topic, here’s Community characters as Batman villains in case you missed it the first time around

YouTube via @JoelMcHale. Image by Kinjamin.

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