These Links Are In A Glass Case Of Emotion

02.06.12 6 years ago

Made by Vince Aparo (click picture to enlarge).

Memory Lane: Vintage Nike Ads |Smoking Section|

Tim Tebow Proved The Existence Of God Today |With Leather|

Subway Graffiti Artists Turn Offensive ‘Mad Men’ Ads Into Awesome ‘Mad Men’ Ads |Warming Glow|

Last Week’s 10 Most Promising Web Contents Created From Thursday Night Television |UPROXX|

Here’s Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Extravaganza, Featuring M.I.A. Flipping America Off |UPROXX|

Ron Swanson’s Bacon ‘n Eggs Cereal and Three More of the Best Cereal Boxes Ever |Warming Glow|

Chronicle Review: Can a cheap gimmick ruin a great story? |Film Drunk|

Can’t A Guy Order A Big Black Dildo Online Without Getting All Kinds Of Pervy Junkmail? |UPROXX|

Susan G. Komen Demonstrates Perfectly How To Destroy Your Brand On The Internet |UPROXX|

Amanda Seyfried too prude for exposed beav |Film Drunk|

TMZ’s Phil Mickelson Story Is Amazing |With Leather|

13 Puppy Stampedes |HuffPost Comedy|

At The Car Factory Before Computers |I-Am-Bored|

The Adventures Of Milk Man: The World’s Worst Superhero |GorillaMask|

A Gallery of the Most Egregious Video Game Console Knockoffs |Unreality|

Hill Valley 2015 from Back to the Future II Recreated in LEGO |Technabob|

Adult Swim Internet Treasures: 15 Best Webcontents of the Week |Adult Swim|

Gary Oldman’s Dramatic Recounting of Snooki’s Urinary Tract Infection |Pajiba|

Michael Cera tries to grow a mustache. With results that are pretty much just what you’d expect |FARK|

VIDEO BELOW: This cat is in a glass case of emotion. (Wait for 0:42) |via SayOMG|

[Pictures via Reddit and Will Nunziata.]

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