This Is What Happens When Mother Nature Photobombs Your Selfie

07.27.14 3 years ago 5 Comments
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While everyone was freaking out over the Queen of England’s selfie moment at the Commonwealth Games this week, good ol’ Mother Nature was off scaring the sh*t out of this unsuspecting couple.

The Youtube video, uploaded by Luis Fukutake, shows the poor guy and his lady friend enjoying a swim at a lagoon in Mexico in the middle of what looks to be a pretty nasty storm. Apparently no one told the two that swimming while there’s lightning outside isn’t the brightest idea, and after posing for a waterlogged selfie, the couple got photobombed by a pretty explosive lightning strike.

I’m not sure what’s better, the fact that the two ran to the water for safety after the bolt hit or the slow-mo second go-around of the clip, but the moral of the story is this: Mother Nature is a total b*tch and a bit of a drama queen. Lesson learned.  Pay more attention to her next time.

(Via Youtube)

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