Time For an Incredible Intervention — Now The Hulk’s Robbing Banks

01.16.12 6 years ago

Bad news for Hulk fans hoping the big green guy would be able to pull off an incredible life transformation — it seems the emerald giant has gone from drug dealer to bank robber.

Last seen in England hocking cocaine, ol’ jade jaws (I’m now officially out of Hulk nicknames) resurfaced this past week in Hamburg, New York, where he held up a local bank then made his escape on foot with a bag full of cash. Check out a local newscast report on the Hulk’s latest misdeed after the jump…


Okay, so now I’m just waiting for a local news story about somebody turning tricks in a Hulk costume so I can make this thing a trilogy. At this point it seems like it’s inevitable.

via BuzzFeed

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