Train Conductor Apologizes 500 Times To Passengers For Unintentionally Lying About Train

02.25.14 4 years ago

I have to admit that I’m incredibly impatient, and when some form of transportation is promised to arrive and is late or doesn’t arrive, I go into a silent rage. So, with this story, it’s nice that the train conductor that issued the promise fell on his sword and apologized to the 500 people that were waiting for a train that never arrived. Via Observer:

Early Monday, 48-year-old Michael Shaw placed 500 copies of written apologies on the New Haven line’s seats; his way of saying sorry to potentially annoyed (probably furious) riders.

“I told passengers to wait on the platform for the express train behind us,” he wrote in the note. But that express train never showed.
“I am as sick of apologizing to you as you are of hearing it,” Mr. Shaw wrote, addressing riders as “our friends and passengers” and admitting he was “shocked & furious.”

If I were one of those 500 passengers, I’d immediately understand and let it go. Bad things happen that cause delays or cancellations. You can probably imagine that some of the passengers are still climbing up the walls expecting to be pampered for missing their train. Getting out in front of this and apologizing was the smart thing to do. I mean, there could always be worse things to happen waiting for a train, right?


Yeeeesh. There’s a perfectly good bottle of pills in the dream cabinet, Mal.

Via Observer, Twitter

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