“Underworld: Awakening” Was the #1 Movie This Weekend?

01.23.12 6 years ago

Wait, what?

There are two things we can’t believe about “Underworld: Awakening”. The first is that it was the number one movie this weekend. The second are the claims that this movie cost $70 million to make. Both tell you a lot about why so many crappy movies get made.

First of all, the actual production budget of “Underworld: Awakening” was not $70 million. This is a movie that is set twelve years in the future, and nobody so much as owns a smartphone, probably because Sony and Ericsson had a tearful breakup. So that $70 million figure probably includes the marketing budget, and it might even be a total crock.

Secondly, this movie was so cheap it’ll probably come close to making back everything Sony spent on it in domestic and foreign gross (as a rule, a movie needs to double its budget in theaters to break even; many movies, even hits, make money for the studios in home video). So the home video is pure profit, so “Underworld 5” is all but an inevitability.

Meanwhile, movies like “The Divide” can barely get a release. This is why we nerds cannot have nice cinematic things.

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