Watching This Guy Barf Up Milk In Slow Motion Is Strangely Entertaining

Web Culture Editor

Dan and Gav, the duo behind The Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel, decided to film Dan doing a milk chugging experiment and then put into the subsequent barfing into slow motion, because science? (Side note: I’ve never tried but I think I could totally win a milk chugging contest. Maybe not a gallon, but a quart? I bet I could throw down.)

Anyway, while watching the regular speed barfing made me feel queasy, the resulting slow-mo part was … I don’t know, almost kind of spellbinding? Now if they would have run it both slow mo and in reverse, well, I’d be hard-pressed to say you couldn’t submit that for some kind of amateur filmmaking competition. Don’t you tell me what is or isn’t “art.”

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