Paris Has Been Hit With A Coordinated, Multi-Site Terrorist Attack

Paris By Night : Illustration
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(UPDATE: Please follow our continuing coverage on President Obama’s speech as well as details on the concert hall where hostages were taken during these continuing attacks on Paris. We will also update with additional reports at the bottom of this story.)

A wave of terror is sweeping across one of the world’s great cities tonight, as it appears as though terrorists are carrying out a coordinated, multi-faceted attack on Paris. Reports so far are scattered and information is emerging fast and furious, but here’s what we know so far.

– Armed gunmen have taken hostages at a music venue in the city. Reports have put the number of hostages at around 100.

– There was at least one explosion outside of a soccer stadium while a France/Germany match was taking place. The president of France was rushed out of the stadium and taken to a secure location. Some reports have two explosions taking place, possibly the work of suicide bombers.

And here’s video/audio…

– AK-47-wielding gunmen are apparently gunning down people in the streets.

– Some sort of shootout took place in a Paris restaurant.

– Early reports state that at least 18 are dead in the attacks. An AP report put that number at 26. Paris has closed its borders and will be declaring a state of emergency.

– Tom Steinfort of Channel Nine Australia relays a statement from a hostage, who says the gunmen shouted about Syria.

– CNN reports that ISIS is using the #ParisInFlames hashtag to claim responsibility for these attacks. At this time, the hashtag shows few current results, so the report may not be accurate. (In addition, the Arabic translation of #ParisOnFire only reveals anti-ISIS tweets.)

– Reuters updates the situation with another shooting, this time at the Halles shopping mall in Paris.

– The Associated Press released footage of police outside the hostage scene.

– The AP notes that police have entered the concert venues where hostages are being held. In addition, police confirm that attacks occurred at seven locations in Paris.

– Reuters now reports that police have completed their operation at the concert venue, and two gunmen have been killed.

-UPDATE 7:20pm: AFP is reporting massive carnage at the music venue where the hostages were taken.

-UPDATE 9:00pm: CNN updates with a reported total of at least 150 killed in Friday’s attacks.

-UPDATE: 9:22pm: AFP reports that some of the terrorists are still on the run in the city.

-UPDATE: 9:57 The Guardian reports that five attackers are dead, according to the police. Accomplices may still be in the city.

-UPDATE: 10:30 After conflicting reports about the band’s safety, Pitchfork reports that a rep  has confirmed that all members are safe.

Our thoughts and prayers tonight go out to the people of Paris, and we’ll be following this story as it develops.