Everyone Ridiculed This Suggestive Photo Rick Perry Posted From His ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Practice

Rick Perry, the former Governor of Texas and two-time Republican presidential candidate, is currently a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Whether or not this serves as career advancement remains to be seen, but considering the internet’s response to a “practice” photo Perry posted to his Instagram account, things might be looking up for the governor. Or, judging by the number of dick jokes the since-deleted post has generated, at least one thing in particular was up during Perry and dancing partner Kym Johnson’s most recent rehearsal.

“What’s the problem?” you’re probably thinking. “His performance during last week’s premiere wasn’t all that bad. Maybe he and Johnson are just trying to make sure their moves ar…”

Yeah, it’s bad. Bad enough that whoever Perry employs to run his social media promptly deleted the post as soon as Instagram and Twitter commenters began ridiculing the photo’s… placement. (Not to mention the accompanying caption: “Practicing the last move for tonight!!”) Instagram user cammac562 opened the floodgates when he asked, “Does no one else think it looks like he’s giving that chick the bizness?” His fellow Instagrammers began spamming Perry’s account with questions, comments and jokes of a similar nature.

Yet some of the post’s best responses came from Twitter, where Dancing with the Stars aficionados and journalists alike took great joy in poking fun at Perry’s photographic positioning.





(Via Rick Perry on Instagram)